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Rocket_Wolf's Journal

What the mythical beast is thinking about today.

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Hi there, my name is Rocket Wolf, ロケット狼, Ракетно Волк.

I'm your average, well, maybe not so average.. full time furry Arctic Wolf, and part time Ookami.

My fursona is that of an Arctic Wolf/Ookami that has markings that look similar to combination of those on Okami Ammaterasu from Okami and Blanca from Shadow Hearts.

My name comes from my favorite railroad, the Rock Island, as their passenger trains were called Rockets, and, it just sounds cool. (You can call me either Rocket, or Ookami, I like the sound of both.) :)

I like to look at trains and emergency vehicles from anywhere in the world, so, if you have some to show me, I would be happy to see them, and will probably end up talking to you about them.

I love Okami. I haven't played the game as much as I'd like to, but listen to the soundtrack from it often, and like looking at art from it or related to it.

I'm very interested in weather of any type... from blizzards to tornadoes, to just a nice sunny day, I'm usually interested in it.

I also tend to like music (especially Japanese, Country, and classical) and listening to radio communications.

.... More to be added later.

If you friend me, I will most likely friend you back, unless I see something that makes me think that there might be a problem.

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